Salmon Recovery OVERVIEW


On January 1, 2008, The Puget Sound Partnership Act, Section 49(3), RCW 77.85.090(3) designated the Puget Sound Partnership's Leadership Council to serve as the regional salmon recovery organization for Puget Sound salmon species, except Hood Canal Summer Chum. As the regional salmon recovery entity, the Leadership Council leads implementation of a community-based, scientifically rigorous, and regionally significant recovery plan that was built through a multi-year stakeholder process.

What’s Happening

In close coordination with NOAA Fisheries, the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council, salmon recovery Lead Entities, and other partners, the Leadership Council is adaptively managing implementation of the Chinook Recovery Plan and supporting NOAA in the development of a Puget Sound Steelhead Recovery Plan. LEARN MORE

Watershed Recovery Plans

The Puget Sound Chinook Recovery Plan is organized with a regional chapter (Volume I), 14 watershed-specific chapters, and a nearshore chapter (Volume II). The plan includes strategies and actions associated with marine and freshwater habitat protection and restoration, hatchery management, and harvest management. LEARN MORE

Four Year Work Plans

On an annual basis, each of the watershed groups representing the 15 watershed chapters of the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Plan develop 4-year work program updates to describe the watershed’s accomplishments during the previous year, identify the current status of recovery actions, and to propose future actions and any changes in recovery strategies in the next 4 years necessary to implement the Salmon Recovery Plan. LEARN MORE

Salmon Recovery Council

The Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council is a group of policy decision-makers that meets regularly to develop guidance for implementation of the Plan and advises the Leadership Council on salmon recovery decisions. This group consists of representatives from each of the 14 watershed areas, the environmental and business community, tribes, and state and federal agencies involved in salmon recovery. LEARN MORE

Lead Entities

Lead Entities are local, watershed-based organizations that develop local salmon habitat recovery strategies and manage projects to implement the strategies. LEARN MORE