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Three Strategic Initiatives are emphasized as priority topics with issues critical to Puget Sound recovery within the Action Agenda - Stormwater, Habitat, and Shellfish. Leads, described below, have been established for each Strategic Initiative. The SI Leads each facilitate an Advisory Team made up of technical and policy experts in the region, as well as work in coordination with one another, the Puget Sound Partnership, EPA , Tribes, Local Integrating Organizations and others throughout the region. SI Leads manage sub-awards which implement work approved in the Action Agenda Implementation Plan.

Together the SI Leads and Advisory Teams are key to the development and implementation of the Action Agenda and have the following responsibilities:

  • Identify regional recovery and protection priorities
  • Coordinate responses to issues that affect all three Strategic Initiatives (cross-cutting issues)
  • Establish the appropriate sequences of actions to lead from present conditions to long term goals
  • Solicit, identify, review and prioritize local and regional Near Term Actions
  • Develop and apply evaluation criteria for the review of Near Term Actions
  • Administration of National Estuary Program funds to implement priorities identified in the Action Agenda
  • Oversee development and adaptive management of Implementation Strategies

Draft Timeline (Last Updated August 31, 2016)

Draft NTA Funding Recommendations for NEP Funding (anticipated November 10, 2016) :

Stormwater Strategic Initiative

Leads: Led by the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) in partnership with the Washington Stormwater Center at Washington State University (WSU), and the Department of Commerce (Commerce)

Contact Agency Lead/Co-Lead/Supporting Agency

Derek Day,
Ecology Lead
Heidi Siegelbaum,
WA Stormwater Center at WSU Supporting
Doug Peters
Commerce Supporting

Stormwater SIAT Roster

Habitat Strategic Initiative

Leads: Co-led by the Washington State Departments of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW) and Natural Resources (DNR)

Contact Agency Lead/Co-Lead/Supporting Agency

Julie Watson,
WDFW Policy Co-Lead
Kirsten Feifel,
DNR Policy Co-Lead
Jennifer Griffiths,
WDFW Technical Co-Lead
Libby Gier,
DNR Technical Co-Lead
Kayla Jenkins,
WDFW Budget Analyst

Habitat SIAT Roster

Shellfish Strategic Initiative

Leads: Led by the Washington State Department of Health (Health) in partnership with the Departments of Ecology (Ecology) and Agriculture (Agriculture)

Contact Agency Lead/Co-Lead/Supporting Agency
Emily Sanford,
Health Lead
Stuart Glasoe,
Health Lead
Ron Cummings Ecology Supporting
Ginny Prest Agriculture Supporting

Shellfish SIAT Roster