How the Multi-Agency Review Team (MART) works


The Multi-Agency Review Team (MART) works within existing permitting pathways but differs from the conventional process in the following ways, by: 1) Bringing federal, state, and local agencies together as a coordinated team to assist applicants through the entire permitting process; and 2) facilitating navigation through the permitting process and directing applicants to existing or emerging streamlined permit pathways that might not be known or clear.

Opportunities to streamline permits

The permitting process (local, state, and federal) is complex, and several permits are interdependent. If you have a habitat recovery project that is ready to permit, we may be able to assist you with an expedited pathway through the process and provide direct access to a team of permitting agencies that will work with you through the entire process. The MART facilitator and members are contacted about projects through our partners and the Puget Sound recovery community. We select projects that are: 1) ecologically beneficial, 2) priority habitat projects within a watershed, 3) permit ready, and 4) projects with no previous violation or emergency actions (in a floodway).

The process

  1. Develop a list of permit contacts at all agencies

    • Action: Develop a list of permitting staff contacts at each agency who would be permitting the project.
    • Who Leads Action: MART facilitator. USACE internally assigns a Project Manager to the project at this point.
    • When: Once the MART decides to assist with permitting the project.
  2. Virtual pre-application meeting

    • Action: Set up virtual pre-application meeting with local, state, and federal agency permitting staff and MART members. Provide applicant with minimum information needed for presenting at pre-application meeting.
    • Who Leads Action: MART facilitator.
    • When: As soon as possible after decision by MART to assist project permitting, or when applicant is ready.
  3. Follow up email to applicant each agencies permit requirements, streamlined permits and next steps

    • Action: Prepare follow up email to applicant re: each agency’s permit requirements, expedited permits, and next steps.
    • Who Leads Action: MART facilitator works with members to develop email.
    • When: Within one week of pre-application meeting.
  4. Possible site visit, all agencies or agencies that report back to MART

    • Action: If possible, set up site visit with applicant and permitting staff from each agency or those agencies that can attend.
    • Who Leads Action: All agencies that can attend or one or two representative agencies.
    • When: As soon as possible after decision to assist with permitting the project, or when applicant is ready.
  5. Applicant applies for permit to each agency

    • Action: Applicant sends in permit applications to each agency through each agency’s specified pathway.
    • Who Leads Action: Applicant, agencies acknowledge receipt.
    • When: Agencies review as soon as possible (with goal of two to three weeks) and send message requesting additional information, or application is complete.
  6. Permit application review

    • Action: Agencies review permit applications and proceed with processing or ask applicant for further information, if necessary.
    • Who Leads Action: Agency permit reviewers.
    • When: Review application for completeness within two to three weeks or as quickly as possible after receipt. Once information has been obtained (if needed), review as quickly as possible and within statutory timeframe.
  7. MART monthly project permit status check-ins

    • Action: MART members review status of permits of projects, troubleshoot issues that arise, coordinate on interdependent permits.
    • Who Leads Action: MART members collect information from agency permit reviewers.
    • When: Monthly.
  8. Permit Decisions

    • Action: Each agency makes permit decisions after their respective review. Agencies collaborate on interdependent permits, if needed.
    • Who Leads Action: Each agency.
    • When: As quickly as possible, within statutory timelines.

Last updated: 2/15/24


For more information about MART, please contact:

Environmental Protection Agency
Diane Hennessey

Puget Sound Partnership
April Gassman

Habit Recovery Pilot Program
Gina Piazza


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