The Puget Sound Partnership’s Strategic Funding Team (SFT) was established in 2023 to increase Puget Sound’s ecosystem and salmon recovery by organizing funding, particularly through new federal funding opportunities available as a result of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

The SFT assists Tribes, Local Integrating Organizations (LIOs), Lead Entities (LEs), and other local partners in responding to rapid funding availabilities that support the implementation of the Action Agenda and Salmon Recovery Plan, our community’s shared recovery plans for Puget Sound. 
The SFT supports the efforts of the recovery community to plan and act across sectors and geographies to align transportation, land use, habitat restoration and protection, agriculture, climate change mitigation, flood hazard reduction, and stormwater infrastructure to achieve a multi-benefit approach.
Additionally, we will align state and federal programs and increase investments that support Puget Sound recovery and Tribal and local priorities.

Salmon Recovery and Restoration Funding Opportunities

We document funding needs and, as possible, connect those with available funding opportunities related to salmon recovery and restoration. We aim to increase coordination and collaboration and will work to connect Tribes, LIOs, LEs, and other partners that might be working on similar projects or pursuing the same funding opportunity. 
For more information, reach out to our strategic funding coordinator, Sadie Normoyle.

Overcoming Funding Barriers

We work in collaboration with Tribes, LIO, and LEs to identify barriers that hinder funding from reaching implementation. Our goal is to develop strategies to address these barriers and support Tribes and local partners to secure additional funding needed to implement our Action Agenda and Salmon Recovery Plan.
For more information, reach out to our Funding Barriers Strategist, Jessica Reynolds.

Restoration and Transportation Funding opportunities

We work to build on the traditional overlap and strengthen the alignment between transportation and Puget Sound ecosystem and salmon recovery. Our aim is to unite the recovery and transportation sectors throughout partnerships, planning, and implementation of projects, to create Sound Safe Infrastructure. This is transportation infrastructure that does not create additional stressors and pressures but contributes to Puget Sound ecosystem and salmon recovery.
For more information, reach out to our restoration and transportation funding strategist, Bebhinn Gilbert.

Grant Writing

We provide the Tribes, LIOs, LEs, and local partners with technical assistance and the capacity to prepare their grant applications for submission. Our grant writer will help identify funding opportunities, develop high-quality grant proposals to federal, state, and private funding agencies, and monitor grant progression with the goal of increasing the number of successful submissions for local and regional recovery projects.
For more information, reach out to our grant writer, Michelle Deckard at

The Puget Sound Recovery Acceleration Funding Tool

We created the Puget Sound Recovery Acceleration Funding Tool (PS RAFT) to provide any grant-seeking partner with a centralized location for information about national, state, and regional funding opportunities for Puget Sound ecosystem and salmon recovery projects. In addition to active funding opportunities, PS RAFT allows users to search through closed funding opportunities for historical reference and future planning. PS RAFT also provides partners with a forum to connect and collaborate on funding applications.

PS RAFT will help federal and state agencies provide timely funding information to partners and increase the effectiveness of funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and other resources. This tool is intended to help reduce barriers and capacity needs and to share and find funding opportunities.

To learn more about PS RAFT, or to submit a funding opportunity, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

I need funding, what can the Strategic Funding Team do for me?

We provide Tribes, LIOs, LEs, and other local partners with support by connecting them with funding opportunities as well as offering grant-writing assistance. Our goal is to strengthen collaboration across the Puget Sound region and provide coordination in tracking funding opportunities. You can find more information about currently available and past funding opportunities by using our Puget Sound Recovery Acceleration Funding Tool (PS RAFT).

What kinds of technical assistance can the SFT provide?

  • Assist with grant strategy.
  • Support grant application development.
  • Support the development of collective, cross-geography/sector grant proposals.
  • Assist in acquiring funding for large-scale, transformative initiatives.
  • Guidance on the development of grant applications for restoration projects applying for transportation funding.

How do I connect with others who are interested in similar projects or funding


PS RAFT has a “connections” page where you can register your interest in a particular funding opportunity and allow others to contact you if they are interested as well.
You can also email our strategic funding coordinator, Sadie at to talk more about your funding needs and how to connect with other entities with similar projects.

Can the Strategic Funding Team apply for funding on our behalf?

No, while we can’t apply on behalf of an organization or group, we can assist with the application process itself as well as accessing funding opportunities.

Does the Strategic Funding Team have its own funding opportunities?

No, the Strategic Funding Team does not currently have any funds that we award. You can find more information about currently available and past funding opportunities with our Puget Sound Recovery Acceleration Funding Tool (PS RAFT).


If you have any specific funding needs, please email Sadie Normoyle, strategic funding coordinator, or if your funding needs have a specific transportation nexus, please contact Bebhinn Gilbert, restoration and transportation funding strategist.

If you have any other questions about the Strategic Funding Team or PS RAFT, please email

Last updated: 4/4/24


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