The Puget Sound Partnership operates at its best when we create collaboration where people can be brave with their ideas, where healthy dialogue can take place with different viewpoints, and where accountability is present. Our natural resource community collectively is more successful and productive when we show mutual respect, validate each other’s perspectives, and remain aware of our effect on others, especially when conversations are difficult.

You can learn more about our Principles of Partner Respect Engagement on this page, or by downloading our PDF with a letter from Laura Bradstreet, executive director of the Puget Sound Partnership.

Below are each of the four Core Principles of Engagement and a brief description of how we understand each one, what we expect, and what we seek from it.

Commitment to Safety and Respectful Engagement

The Partnership promotes a safe and productive working environment sponsored by its agency, councils, and boards. Informed by the guidance provided by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the Partnership will respond appropriately to reports of harassment against employees by non-employees, including independent contractors or customers participating in Partnership activities and on the premises, or remove communications facilitated by the Partnership.

In addition, the Partnership expects and strives to provide an environment where communications and interactions are respectful and professional. The following are, but not limited to, behavior the Partnership expects will be reported immediately to a Partnership staff member should it occur to any individual or is witnessed by an individual at a Partnership-sponsored meeting, activity, or event:
Sexual harassment, including inappropriate and unwelcomed physical contact.

How the Partnership Addresses Disrespectful Behavior

If you observe disrespectful behavior that does not support the principles, please contact Partnership Leadership staff, or Boards/Council Chairs. Each situation will be assessed individually, and the Partnership may respond differently on a case-by-case basis. The Partnership’s goal will be to resolve the conflict, but we may choose to take other actions if deemed appropriate.

Additional resources

Washington State Human Resources HR Directive 20-02 – Diversity Plans
Washington State Human Rights Commission, 800-233-3247      
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 800-669-4000
Governor’s Executive Order 22-02 Achieving Equity in Washington State Government
State HR Directive 20-02 Workforce Diversity Directive

The statements on this page are statements of general agency policy, and nothing on this page, or similar, creates an employment contract or alters the terms or conditions of an employee’s relationship with the Partnership. The Partnership reserves the right in its discretion to amend, modify, or discontinue these procedures and guidelines without prior notice, notwithstanding any person's acts, omissions, or statements to the contrary. These procedures do not address every situation that could arise in the workplace and employees are expected to follow management direction regarding exceptions to the policies or circumstances not addressed in policy. Furthermore, these procedures do not replace current or future internal agency policies that address employee conduct or behavior in the workplace nor do these procedures in this document take precedence over them.

Last updated: 03/05/24


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