Sound safe infrastructure

The Sound Safe Infrastructure initiative is our vision of how we integrate transportation and restoration, and the benefits it will have for Puget Sound ecosystem recovery and the transportation sector. Through Sound Safe Infrastructure we aim to build on and strengthen the alignment between transportation and Puget Sound ecosystem and salmon recovery to fundamentally unite the restoration and transportation sectors throughout partnerships, planning, and implementation of projects.

Collaboration is crucial to the success of restoration of the region’s salmon and shellfish populations, and the jobs and natural industries they support. To uphold Tribal treaty fishing rights, successful cooperation between transportation and restoration professionals is needed to ensure that habitat is protected and restored, so that there are fish to harvest. This cooperation is also essential for achieving Puget Sound ecosystem recovery goals and supports the Washington State Department of Transportation’s values of economic vitality, preservation, safety, mobility, environment, and stewardship.

We invite partners to engage in this work and take on this shared initiative for increased partnerships and to create a strong cross-sector collaborative environment for a world-class transportation system alongside thriving ecological processes and salmon populations

Areas of work

1. Partnerships: Strengthen existing relationships between the transportation and restoration sector and develop new connections when available. Broaden the restoration community to include transportation, and emphasize common values and goals.
2. Planning: Strengthen communication between the transportation and restoration sectors as well as explore opportunities to align priorities throughout Puget Sound’s many decision-making bodies.
3. Projects: Connect current and future projects from both sectors to maximize mutual benefit, streamline processes, and invest efficiently.
4. Funding: Jointly pursue funding for projects which sit at the nexus of restoration and transportation.

anticipated outcomes

1. Broad cross-sectoral adoption of the Sound Safe Infrastructure Initiative and understanding of the benefits it presents to the restoration and transportation communities.
2. Establish and strengthen the system of collaboration for restoration and transportation sectors, rooted in shared values and goals.
3. Increase communication and coordination of project planning and implementation to support efficient investments in ecosystem restoration, salmon recovery, and transportation networks.
4. Create a funding landscape that is supportive of the restoration and transportation work needed for ecosystem and salmon recovery. Increase awareness of funding opportunities and reduce barriers to project application and implementation.


Bebhinn Gilbert

Restoration and Transportation Funding Strategist

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Last updated: 5/8/24


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